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Productivity & Marketing Tools For Divorce Mediators

Client Management

Advance all your cases without missing a beat

Capture all your leads, active clients, and closed cases
in one place.
Notate and sort your leads to stay on top of your follow-ups.
Sort and manage your active cases by agreement status
and last touch.

Case Creation

Enter your own leads, and engage leads coming from

Enter contact and background information for each lead.
Open up qualified leads from and contact them accordingly.
Update and add new information as your conversations progress.
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Case Overview

Streamline your practice with enter-it-once efficiency

Capture and review contact information and background details for each client.
Enter data yourself, or invite clients to add their details.
Work with case information pre-populated into the agreement checklist.

Case Details

Invite both spouses to enter the details on their children, assets, and debts

Send a preformatted email invitation to both spouses to enter their case details.
Reference, verify, and update those details over the course of the mediation.
Save time and share the effort to reaching an agreement efficiently for your client.
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Agreement Assessment

Invite both spouses to share their initial areas of agreement and personal perspectives

Send a pre-formatted email invitation to both spouses to share a private assessment.
Upload the results to pre-populate the agreement checklist and gauge the scope of the engagement.
Read each spouse's notes to you to plan your mediation approach.

Agreement Checklist

Capture every decision and develop your documents with a single tool

Indicate and update the agreement status with color coded options for at-a-glance insight.
Document every decision and provision with simple dropdown options and free text fields.
Share pre-formated progress reports or produce your MOU or MSA with a single click.
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Supporting Documents

Upload critical reference documents for easy and secure retrieval and review

Browse and upload paystubs, insurance policies, camp bills and other relevant documents.
Enjoy ready access to reference documents tied to each major agreement topic.
Stop chasing, filing, and managing hard copy, sensitive documents.

Agreement Summary

Print out and share interim reports to recognize progress and plan future sessions

Produce an agreement progress report with a single click.
Share documented decisions and issues still in discussion.
Develop session agendas and assign homework for on unresolved issues.

Memorandum of Understanding

Produce your tailored, editable MOU or MSA in a single click

Integrate all the decisions and provisions of the agreement in your own MOU/MSA.
Render the document in a word processing tool for easy final editing.
Download, save, print, and share your work product instantly.
Dozens of divorce mediators told us what they wanted in a set of tools to help streamline their work to free up more time for
what they are passionate about, helping more couples reach amicable and fair agreements.
As a result, MediationMate gives you:
the flexibility to practice your way,
the tools to easily engage your clients at every stage in the process,
the checklists and resources to cover every base,
the ability to easily and progressively document details and decisions,
the efficiency of rendering interim and final documents with a single click,
the value of the formal documents your clients need to finalize their divorce.
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