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About MediationMate


MediationMate is a tailorable suite of online productivity tools designed to help divorce mediators streamline their work. From lead management through checklist and decision documentation to client management and communications, MediationMate gives you back the time to help more clients.

The MediationMate story

MediationMate was designed by divorce mediators for divorce mediators. It is a natural extension of the services invented by a team of internet, marketing, and business experts skilled at delivering efficiency and savings where complexity and high costs previously reigned.

Fifteen years ago, the team behind MediationMate took a call from a family lawyer in Seattle looking for a way to more efficiently help clients seeking an uncontested divorce. He wanted to focus more on providing valuable legal services and less on tedious and repetitive paperwork preparation.

Out of that meeting sprang, the pioneer in automated form preparation that today is the undisputed leader providing services to couples seeking to take the cost and pain out of divorce.

In 2014, the team was looking for a way to help customers seeking our assistance to reach agreement before filing an uncontested divorce. Although not our area of expertise, we happily discovered mediators who had that skill and shared our perspective: couples deserve our help and can save themselves, and their children in particular, from unnecessary strife and cost if they can communicate more effectively.

As we got to know more mediators and how they worked, it was clear we could help them become more efficient in helping their clients. Today we are working with leading mediators to guide the development of online job aides that take the repetitive documentation steps out of their work day so they can spend more time working with clients. A true win-win.